Melissa McCarthy Being Named As A Potential Live-Action Ursula Has People Debating Their Picks For The Role

ursula melissa mccarthy
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Debates on the casting of a live-action Ursula are sparked after reports say Melissa McCarthy is in talks for the role in a new The Little Mermaid remake.

According to various reports, Melissa McCarthy is the leading name for the role of Ursula in the upcoming The Little Mermaid live-action remake.

The production of the live-action adaption of the classic Disney film was announced in 2016, and although there isn’t a scheduled release date for the film, ramblings about casting the film have people convinced that we could see the movie in theaters soon. According to, filming for the live action version of the flick will begin sometime in 2020.

A couple of days ago Variety announced that Melissa McCarthy is in talks to play Ursula in the remake. In this report Variety also stated that the film will see the “Mary Poppins Returns” director Rob marshall at the helms of the animated hit.

While the production will include tunes from the original animated production, the remake will include “new tunes from Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

After hearing that Melissa McCarthy might play the role of the Ursula, a villain who many fans of the film have a love/hate relationship with. People let their opinions known on the potential casting and they were very wide in range.

Some people feel that Ursula should be played by a black woman.

Lizzo even seemed to respond to the Melissa McCarthy news with disappointment.

Fans are also saying that people like Queen Latifah..

…and Tituss Burgess, would be perfect for the role.

But if we’re being technical in this debate, the role of Ursula was truly inspired by the white drag queen “Divine.”

Also, there’s this.

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People who aren’t for Ursula being played by a black woman, also argue that casting Ursula as such, is a bad look.

On another side of the discourse, some are recommending that Ursula be played by a drag queen, period.

While a few are actually satisfied with Disney’s potential casting of Melissa McCarthy.

It’s likely true that the people casting The Little Mermaid remake could care less about the opinions of random people on the internet but I tend to agree with the idea that the role should at least be given to a drag queen with significant camp experience.

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