George W. Bush Is Caught Secretly Giving Michelle Obama Candy (Again).. At His Father’s Funeral


Michelle Obama and George W. Bush are still the best of friends it seems.

Today, when George Bush arrived at his father’s funeral, cameras caught the former president slipping something to the former first lady after greeting her.

This moment is eerily reminiscent of another moment that went viral in September at Senator John Mccain’s funeral. The two were a part of a now-famous covert candy exchange that warmed the hearts of people all over.

Today’s candy exchange took place after George W. Bush first walked up the aisle of his father’s funeral. First Bush greeted current president Trump and current first lady Melania.

Bush then went on to greet former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama before covertly handing over the goods.

After the first clip of the “covert candy exchange” went viral in 2018, Michelle Obama had this to say about her relationship with former president George Bush at the Today show.

Here’s an actual clip of the sweet moment from Senator John Mccain’s funeral in September of 2018.

Let’s hope the two can carry on their sweet tradition for a long time because they are the friendship goals we never we needed.