Miley Cyrus Just Gave Us The Hannah Montana Revival We’ve Always Needed

miley ray cyrus hannah montana

Miley Cyrus just delivered the absolute “best of both worlds!”

That’s right, Miley Cyrus brought back the iconic Hannah Montana wig after celebrating the 13th anniversary of the former Disney show’s first episode.

Miley appeared on social media late Thursday night donning the famous Hannah wig, joking about being tired of going back and forth.

The nostalgia feels continued to rise with each post from Mile-, I mean Hannah.

She gave us an impromptu performance of the legendary Hannah Montana theme song.

Made a few drug references.

Claimed her #10YearChallenge crown. Well deserved :crown:!

Showed us Hannah’s new punk side.

Although, we’ve kinda been there before.

For her last trick Hannah Montana sang Hannah Montana and I- …

The internet was broken.

Hopefully the next step for Hannah is a tour.

Give the people what they want Miley!