Mom Brought To Tears After Finding Her Son Shaving His Sibling’s Hair With Electric Razor

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You literally have to keep an eye on kids at all times. Just a few short minutes is oftentimes more than enough for children to get into Lord knows what. Well, mother Stephanie Plucknette is all too familiar with this as she shared a video of a hilarious incident involving her three small children, Teddy, Eloise and Fred.

After getting ready for her night shift, Plucknette enters the kitchen to find her kiddos, Teddy and Eloise, have been experimenting with an electric razor. Their faces tell it all.


Teddy apparently took to his hair and then went to work on little sis. She had Eloise turn around to see the damage.


She’s heard asking Eloise if she liked her haircut, to which she responded with “no.” In asking Eloise why she let her brother cut her hair, big bro Teddy responded for her saying, “she said she wanted me to do that a lot and so I did it.”

The mom then goes on to comfort the kids reassuring them that “it’s just hair and it will grow back.”


She asks Teddy if he cut Fred’s hair, to which he responded with “a little bit.” After some time, Fred enters. Yup, more than “a little bit.”


The end of the video shows their father having finished cutting the rest of Teddy’s hair from the garage and blowing the excess hair off him. Teddy asked his mom “How’s my hair look? I mean how’s my no hair look?”

You can watch the full video here:

The short video literally has Twitter in shambles.

A lot of users commented on the mom’s initial response:

Mom also received a lot of praise for her calm and reassuring response to her children:

Let’s not forget about Fred.

A video was later posted of Teddy and Fred sporting bald heads with mom complimenting their new looks.