21 Memes For Moms That Are So Relatable It Hurts


1. Can I have two of these please and thanks?

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2. It’s funny because it’s true.

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3. I never knew..

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4. Facepalm

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5. Kids are the masters of mouthiness sometimes.

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6. Thank god my toddler stops every so often to eat trash off of the floor.

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7. Just gotta wait for the old styles to come back around.

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8. I never thought I’d relate to Cruella Deville.

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9. Not saying the kids are bad.. but if they are, we know who to blame.

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10. Current situation – minus the milk line.

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11. This one is eerily accurate.

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12. I don’t need sleep. Everything’s fine.

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13. There aren’t mny battles quite like a hair bow battle with your daughter..

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14. The best way to learn patience..

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15. Lord help the person who messes with my child.

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16. Listen to Barbie’s warnings!

17. This is how I feel after putting the kids into their car seats.

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18. Timeouts are so necessary sometimes.

19. Motherhood has been a very humbling experience.

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20. A strategy.

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21. Live footage of my child.