Mom Requests Nanny Willing to Become Full-Blown Disney Princess for her Twin Girls

disney princess nanny

It’s pretty common to see little girls that aspire to be princesses, admiring the ones we’ve all known and grown to love from Disney’s classic Belle to the newest princesses like Tiana and Moana.

For that reason, we see the princess costumes flying off shelves during Halloween and moms coordinating the perfect little birthday bashes booking their child’s favorite princess for entertainment. What we have never seen, however, are parents requesting a Disney princess as a nanny for their kids. Until now.

A mom recently posted an ad to the popular childcare site with an “unusual request” for a nanny to her 5-year-old twin girls:

Childcare UK

The mom continues explaining that her girls are obsessed with Disney and she believes that having the nanny in full Disney princess character is the “best way to communicate some important values.” She also states her belief that a Disney Princess nanny would be “a great way to teach” her girls about things like “determination, compassion, fearlessness, and ambition from strong yet relatable female role models…”

As expected, the requirements for this job are a bit over the top — stretching well beyond just dressing up in Disney costume attire.

The ad shares the parents desire for someone who can commit to a character and create a fun atmosphere in their home yet still discipline when necessary noting that her twincesses can be “little terrors at times.” (Um, ok. Noted.) The position requires daily pick up from school (4x a week) and coordination of Disney activities including but not limited to (arts & crafts, baking, and singing), cooking dinner and possibly putting the girls to bed when necessary. While they explain the position is part-time, they require someone who is flexible and willing to stick it out for the long-haul. Whew.

BUT the pay… just might make it all worth the hassle.

Childcare UK

$52,000 dollars a year, 25 days vacation time and holidays off?!

Google Search: Adult Size Cinderella Costume. *grabs passport*

People didn’t hesitate to comment online about the uncommon nanny request with many tagging families and friends sharing this amazing opportunity. With one user saying “Your perfect job! Dust off your Snow White outfit!”

Another user dressed and ready for the position.

Others weren’t as sure, reacting to the odd request with criticism.

The mom ended the ad with “So, if there are any Disney-mad nannies out there who’d be able to help us out, please get in touch.”

Hey, for the right pretty princess, this is sure to be one heck of an opportunity. Quite sure there’s no shortage of Disney-obsessed girls ready and willing to step into “a whole new world” for this role. I mean, come on, to sashay around the house in full princess attire while baking sugar cookies and singing “Let It Go” until the cows come home (and get paid a pretty penny while doing it)? Yea. Sounds like a dream.

h/t Cafe Mom