Netflix Announces ‘The Office’ Is Leaving Netflix And Fans Are Flipping Out


If you’re a Netflix subscriber and a lover of good, funny, and classic TV shows, there’s a 150% chance that you’ve seen The Office at least 5 or 6 different times—fully. The streaming service has been a fan-favorite of users because of how often they are able to watch the show over and over again.

But, this week, Netflix announced some heartbreaking news to the world—The Office is leaving the streaming service for good, due to NBC opting to start their own streaming service.

While the show is leaving the service, it’s not going until 2021—which means we have about a year and a half more of rewatching classic moments of Michael Scott’s until then.

However, fans were not happy to hear that the show would be disappearing and, had some very strong words to share with Netflix and NBC both.

Here’s to hoping that Netflix will change their mind before 2021.