blac chyna cover

Blac Chyna Comes For All Of The Kardashians After Her Daughter Is Blocked From Appearing On Her Show

Rob Kardashian allegedly wants to block Dream from appearing on Blac Chyna’s reality show, and Angela isn’t here for it.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk’s Epic Breakup

In case you live under a rock and haven’t checked your social media feeds in a couple of days, by

cardi b plastic surgery

Cardi B Vows To Be Done With Plastic Surgery Showing Off Swollen Feet

Cardi B says she’s done getting plastic surgery after suffering complications from a recent breast enhancement procedure.

taylor swift washing legs debate

Taylor Swift Weighs In On The Whole “Washing Your Legs In The Shower” Debate

Taylor Swift tells Ellen Degeneres how she chooses to wash her legs daily.

cardi b babysits

Cardi B Has Some Advice For All Of The Single Moms Out There

Cardi B talks is warning single moms to be wary of the men that they let babysit their kids.

jason momoa axes ellen

Jason Momoa Throwing Axes For Charity Is The Daddiest Video You’ll See Today

Jason Momoa teaches Ellen how to throw an axe and it’s all for charity.

tati westbrook james charles

Tati Westbrook Says Goodbye To BFF James Charles In New Video

Tati Westbrook drags her former mentee/BFF James Charles, in a 43-minute vlog on her Youtube channel.

rihanna high fashion

Rihanna Is Coming For The High-Fashion Industry

Rihanna and Louis Vuitton are teaming up for a new high fashion line.

kim kardashian prison reform

Kim Kardashian Just Helped Free Another Person From Prison And People Aren’t Sure What To Think

Kim Kardashian’s quest to free black prisoners continues, and people have mixed opinions on her efforts.