cutest thing

Airport Employee Helps Connect Two Strangers Who Fell In Love Mid-Flight

An airport employee shares how she helped two women find each other after falling for each other on a flight.

makeup tutorial

This Is Support! Boyfriend Lets Girlfriend Do Full Face of Makeup on Him and Video Goes Viral

There’s nothing more attractive than a man that publicly supports his woman. Especially with social media, we are literally all

teachers donate cancer

Teachers in Alabama Donate 100 Sick Days To Father of Daughter Diagnosed with Cancer

A teacher asks for a little help from other teachers in Alabama, and receives an overwhelming response.

game of thrones throne

Welder Creates His Wife a Replica of the “Game of Thrones” Throne For Their Wedding

A welder creates his wife a replica of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne as a wedding gift.

dad strange cat

Guy Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up To Find A Strange Cat Snuggling Him

Cats work in mysterious ways, and sometimes cats just have a better sense of things than we do as humans.

mailman dogs treats

Mailman Known For Giving Dogs Treats Receives Touching Letter When One Of The Dogs Passes Away

If you ask any mail carrier they’ll tell you that dogs love to interact with them while on their routes.

toxic masculinity

Dad Addresses Toxic Masculinity In Viral Thread After Son Is Ridiculed For Painted Nails

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls, we’re told. Boys play with cars and trucks. Leave the Barbies

touching cable guy post

Mom Pushes For Raise for Cable Tech Who Comforted Blind Crying Baby on the Job

In this day and age of social media, it’s amazing how one random act of kindness can be shared with

men stop sexist behavior

20 Times Men Stepped Up To Help Stop Sexist Behavior

We’re in a new era. Instead of letting the misogynistic behaviors of men happen to us, we’re taking names and

jaden smith flint

20-year-old Jaden Smith’s Foundation Helps Bring Clean Water To Flint, With Local Church’s Help

Flint, MI – Jaden Smith and his JUST goods foundation along with help from the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church,