Nicki Minaj Forced to Cancel French Show and Disappointed Fans Chant ‘Cardi B!’

nicki minaj cancels show
Instagram / @NickiMinaj

It hasn’t been all riches and royalty for “Queen” rapper Nicki Minaj who recently had to cancel a show in Bordeaux, France and her fans were clearly unhappy about it– some handling it in the worst way possible.

In a video seen on TMZ, Nicki casually and calmly explained the reason for the cancellation, saying that the venue she was supposed to be performing in didn’t have the “power in the building to facilitate her show.” She further explained that she wasn’t made aware of the technical issue until three hours before the show. She closed in telling her fans she hoped to be able to make it up to them soon.

But, as you can see below, a lot of fans weren’t too fond of the news of the cancellation and they didn’t hesitate to Bang Bang on the Chun Li rapper, by chanting “Cardi B, Cardi B” during the venue exit.

So Savage. No 21.

Typical diehard “Barbs” showed their support cheering for her outside her hotel room, while Nicki is heard trying to explain the unfortunate situation:

We’re sure Nicki isn’t concerned about the petty, disappointed “fans” that decided to chant her rivals name. Her cavalier video pretty much screams…Shout out to my haters / sorry that you couldn’t faze me.”

h/t TMZ