17 Hilariously Pure Times Old People Were Thoroughly Confused On Facebook

old people facebook

Old people are true gems, and these posts collected from the Facebook group “Please show to Jim ! ! HA ! ! HA ! !” prove it.

1. This Grandma is actually quite reasonable.

2. Okayyy!

3. Old people and memes don’t always mix.

4. When your Nan learns about your drinking activities via Facebook.

5. Old folks are so wholesome.

6. Ya can’t fool Nancy.

7. When your Grandma just gets it.

Facebook / Haley Williams

8. He wants the CORN, obviously!

9. Bye Regina!


11. No lies detected.

12. My miso soup.

13. Had to shair this one.

14. Watch. Those. Phone. Cords.

15. The last “what happened” took me out.

16. Hardened Facebook criminals know.

17. In their defense, TikTok ads are usually dumpster fires.

If you enjoyed these, go check out the Facebook group Please show to Jim ! ! HA ! ! HA ! !. You will NOT be disappointed.