Woman’s Viral Panera Tweet Sparks A Heated Debate About The Restaurant On Twitter

panera debate

We all know when it comes to tasty and somewhat “healthy” fast food options in this world, it’s slim pickings.

It’s hard to find quality food through any type of drive-thru but sometimes a girl just wants to have it her way without “her way” being smothered in hot grease and tossed in toxins.

The problem is that a lot of the “premium” options are of course a little bit pricier. BUT if the food tastes good, I’m willing to dish out the extra bucks.

Panera is definitely one of my Go-To’s when I want a good chicken sandwich or a nice hot soup— the broccoli cheddar is so clutch. Panera literally never disappoints.

Well, Twitter user yokaveli obviously disagrees, calling out the popular restaurant on their “overpriced hospital food“.

Twitter wasn’t too happy.

One user even defended Panera by making a point about hospital food:

A lot of people rallied against yokaveli, making a case for their favorite Panera pick ups:

Yo, this thread turned into a whole entire ad for Panera.

But, surprisingly there were users that actually agreed with yokaveli…

And the claws came out from one Panera lover that clearly wasn’t here for it:

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