People Are Using Peeps As A Pizza Topping And I’m Straight Up Calling The Food Police

peeps pizza cover
LI Cook / Shutterstock / Youtube / WhatTravisSays
People on the internet are trying Peeps as a pizza topping and we're not sure what to do with this information.

People are taking it a little too far with the toppings they use on pizza these days. As if pineapples on pizza isn’t bad enough (sorry to all my Hawaiian family and friends). Now we have heathens that have obviously lost their everlasting minds who are adding PEEPS to pizza.

Yes, you read that correctly, PEEPS. You know? The go-to Easter time favorite marshmallow bird candies?

They’ve even coined the dish–Peepza.

The visual makes this ten times worse. Marshmallow birds…melted onto America’s favorite food. A crime. Worthy of jail time punishable up to 10 years in federal prison. If defacing the Mona Lisa warrants imprisonment, this does too. I see no difference.

And here we have YouTuber WhatTravisSays that actually purchased a DiGiorno pizza from his local grocery store, baked peeps on to it and proceeded to eat said pizza. The horror.

Yes, Travis. Yes, this is an abomination.

Sadly Travis isn’t the only one to try Peepza.

We even found footage of a person eating a slice of Peepza. Not bad? Right.

What’s next, people? Gummy bears in lasagna? Pop Rocks sprinkled in tacos? Let’s just stop this foolishness now before it gets too outta hand. PEEPS should be for kids consumption via Easter baskets only… not being baked at 325 degrees in an oven atop your favorite deep dish.

Jesus did not die on the cross for this.

h/t Rare