People Are Attacking ‘Grandpa Joe’ On Twitter Again, With Glorious Memes

grandpa joe memes
A random Twitter thread of anti-Grandpa Joe memes sets the internet on fire.

If you’ve been an affluent user of the internet for the past ten years or so, you’ve likely seen the internet’s blossoming hate for Grandpa Joe. As one of the major characters in the 1971 classic film Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, the tritagonist has been protested against for his selfish behavior during the movie.

According to AV Club, the anti-Grandpa Joe movement started in 2005. When director Tim Burton was preparing his new adaptation of the classic film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a satirical website called Say No To Grandpa Joe sprung up to protest the inclusion of Grandpa Joe in the new film.

Though the Grandpa Joe character still had a part in the 2005 film adaptation, the anti-Grandpa Joe movement steadily gained traction over the years. There are Facebook pages and Subreddits solely dedicated to sharing memes and other media in support of their shared hatred for the Infamous Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory character.

Whether or not you agree with the movement, it’s hard not to laugh at the memes. A recent Twitter thread full of anti-Grandpa Joe jokes shows exactly why.

The thread started with a simple good morning tweet, to everyone but Grandpa Joe of course.


And the Twitterverse took it from there.

h/t AV Club