People Are Discussing The Grudges They Have With Celebrities, And The Pettiness Levels Are Off The Charts.

mom argument
A list of hilariously petty grudges that people have against celebrities.

If you’ve ever had a real-life celebrity encounter, you know how crazy the stories can get. A lot of times, meeting celebrities shows people that celebrities are just regular people. They can have attitudes, opinions, be tired, or be ready to fight in bars. You never know how a person is going to act in a situation, whether they’re a celebrity or not.

While some experiences people have meeting celebs are great, very often, meeting someone famous can be an unpleasant experience.

This rich collection of tweets talks about how people are still grudgeful to famous people they’ve met after the stars did some BS and left a bad taste in their mouth.

1. This mom still despises Queen Latifah.

2. This lady never met Brian McKnight but has hated him since he appeared on a ’90s talk show.

3. This burger story is super disrespectful.



4. M to the, O to the.


5. Danny Glover didn’t “do right” by this woman’s mother.


6 -7. Eddie Murphy was notoriously bad at clubbing in the ’80s.

8. LL Cool J is hated by this person’s mother for doing regular concert things.

9. Last but not least, this Dad is not trying to remember the 21st night of September, at all.


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