People Are Meme-ing Scarlett Johansson Because Scarlett Johansson Is Always Scarlett Johansson-ing

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People are dragging Scarlett Johansson after she says she should be able to play 'any tree.'

Scarlett Johannson is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world and also likely the most controversial. She has taken flack for the past few years for choosing to play roles that detractors say help contribute to the continued whitewashing in Hollywood.

When Johansson was cast in the Japanese manga film “Ghost In The Shell,” fans spoke out against the casting: launched a petition online:

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ScarJo went ahead and played in the movie anyway. She addressed why she did despite the backlash in an interview with Marie Claire.

β€œDiversity is important in Hollywood, and I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive,” Johansson said. β€œAlso, having a franchise with a female protagonist driving it is such a rare opportunity. Certainly, I feel the enormous pressure of that β€” the weight of such a big property on my shoulders.”

Scarlett Johansson / Marie Claire

Johansson was called out for casting herself as a trans man in the movie “Rub & Tug.”

After the outcry, Johansson doubled down on the casting decision by telling Bustle:

β€œTell them that they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman’s reps for comment.”

Scarlett Johansson / Bustle

The reply from Johansson was seen as an attempt to normalize her casting in “Rub & Tug,” since the aforementioned actors have played roles as trans individuals without much backlash in the past.

Scarlett’s defense actually ignited more backlash…

…and she eventually bowed out of the role, telling Out Magazine:

I have great admiration and love for the trans community and am grateful that the conversation regarding inclusivity in Hollywood continues. While I would have loved the opportunity to bring Dante’s story and transition to life, I understand why many feel he should be portrayed by a transgender person, and I am thankful that this casting debate, albeit controversial, has sparked a larger conversation about diversity and representation in film.

Scarlett Johansson / Out Magazine

All of these controversies bring us to the present. Last week the transcript of an interview with Daily Mail’s As If and ScarJo was released wherein she made some pretty controversial statements about political correctness and art.

“Today there’s a lot of emphasis and conversation about what acting is and who we want to see represent ourselves on screen. The question now is, what is acting anyway,”Β  Johansson continued “You know, as an actor I should be allowed to play any person, or any tree, or any animal because that is my job and the requirements of my job.”

Scarlett Johansson / As If

Since the interview’s release, Scarlett Johansson has tried to clear up the comments via a statement from her publicist yesterday:

β€œThe question I was answering in my conversation with the contemporary artist, David Salle, was about the confrontation between political correctness and art,” she continues. β€œI personally feel that, in an ideal world, any actor should be able to play anybody and Art, in all forms, should be immune to political correctness. That is the point I was making, albeit didn’t come across that way. I recognize that in reality, there is a wide spread discrepancy amongst my industry that favors Caucasian, cis gendered actors and that not every actor has been given the same opportunities that I have been privileged to. I continue to support, and always have, diversity in every industry and will continue to fight for projects where everyone is included.”

Scarlett Johansson / EW

But the statement might just be too little too late. The new comments from ScarJo have people convinced that she hasn’t learned anything from her past controversies, and they’ve decided to give her the meme treatment.