People Are Revealing The “Weird Food Families” They Faced Growing Up, And The Stories Are Mortifying

weird food families
This Twitter thread about "weird food family traditions" is hard to read, but impossible not to read at the same time.

Growing up, everyone had different experiences in the kitchen. As a child, my parents loathed cooking, and when they did cook, they were pretty conservative with the meal choices.

The grossest thing my mother would “cook” is probably raw tuna with a side of canned peas, and my siblings and I were forced to eat everything on our plates.

This strange meal from my mom (sorry mom), pales in comparison to the comments from a Twitter thread that was the talk of the social media network yesterday.

In it, people are talking about the abhorrent foods and weird food names that they experienced in their own homes, and in their friend’s homes growing up.

Brace yourselves because this one gets wild!

It all started with this tweet about “Billy” dinners.


People could definitely relate and the tales were horrifying.

There were tuna-less surprises mentioned.

“Daddy Noodles” were somehow a common theme.

Bizarre names for Chinese food.

Dads who were a little too “jazzed about cheese.”

People pulling the almost impossible feat of messing up bacon.

A couple of very strange cereal traditions made the cut.

Yeah, things got pretty twisted.

People talked about “sipping in silence.”

Chicken chokers.


Eloquent beanie weenie meals.

Breakfast beers with cereal.

These replies are just too good.

I’ll likely be haunted by this thread for the rest of my existence.


h/t Twitter