People Are Tweeting About Their Strange Obsession With Buying Notebooks They Don’t Need

notebook obsession cover
SimplyDay / Shutterstock / Twitter / TraceeOddity

So you’re making your way through TJ Maxx and you’re about to check out with the five tops and three sets of pajamas that are almost out of season and you stumble upon something really special.

Yes! It’s the purple notebook/planner with a cute sprinkled donut graphic print that you never knew you needed until now.

So, you pick it up and think about how you basically have ten of the same types of notebooks at home that have primarily only accumulated dust since their purchase.

And what do ya do? That’s right, you buy it anyway!

Hey, you’re not alone. People buying notebooks for no apparent reason at all is actually a thing and this Twitter thread pretty much verifies this as fact.

The thread started with a piece of helpful life advice from user @TraceOddity.


The tweet gained a lot of traction because frankly, people felt very attacked.

People started to rebuke TraceOddity’s words with the hilarious reasons why they actually should buy that notebook.

I mean, some people really had valid excuses for buying notebooks they don’t really need. This Idris Elba notebook has to be one of a kind.

Passing on label stickers just doesn’t seem like the right thing to ever do.

We must also consider their future resell value.

Ok, Tracee probably has a point, putting the notebook down and backing away slowly.


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