People Aren’t Buying This News Story About An Alleged “Gang-Related” Tagging, And For Good Reason

funny graffiti story
Twitter / WSB-TV
People are tearing apart a local news story about an alleged gang-related graffiti incident.

A local News report from a station based in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA is going viral for the wrong reasons.

In the report, Sheriffs are alleging that graffiti left overnight in a “quiet” Newton County neighborhood may be “gang-related.”

When news anchor, Jovita Moore, tweeted about the alleged gang-related graffiti tagging, with a picture of the vandalism Twitter was quick to point out that something about this alleged vandalism, just wasn’t right.

I mean, I’m no gang expert and I know that Crips don’t use an “S” in their tags… or CURSIVE.

The tweet from the WSB-TV anchor continued to get totally demolished by people who were astounded by the gang’s apparent new affinity for cursive writing.

While others made a few suggestions on who the real vandals may be.

While we can only assume that this vandalism wasn’t actually gang-related at this time, I’m sure we’ll get answers soon enough. According to the WSB-TV report the police do have footage of the perps and are still conducting their investigation. We’ll keep you updated on this one.

h/t WSB-TV