People Are Comparing Celebs To The Most Random Things And I’ve Never Been So Entertained

people comparing celebs to random things

The things that people come up with on the internet never ceases to amaze me. Many seem to either have tons of time on their hands or they just have brilliant brains that think differently than others. For someone to think about how a celebrity compares to a random object, for example, just boggles my mind.

But this is exactly what Twitter user breakdownzach did in a now-viral thread for the ages.

Zach started by comparing the “skinny legend,” Mariah Carey, to one of the most basic kitchen utensils– a whisk.

He then added a number of other Carey-whisk comparison pics and of course, others joined in with their hilariously on-point comparisons.

The thread even caught the attention of Mariah Carey herself:

What started off as a trend comparing celebrities to whisks has now turned into users comparing celebs to random objects in whole threads that are now going viral all over Twitter. The comparisons are uncanny. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Several seats for Bretman Rock.

2. Or the time Britney was everything we wanted in 2000.

3. When Demi Lovato went Unbroken.


4. The time Nicki went Super Saiyan.

5. The time Paul Klein looked good enough to eat.

6. When Tessa was a little too hot to handle.

7. When Eminem…well… (yea this one wins the day).

8. When Zayn was a classic.

9. Donald Trump Jr. as…Donald Trump Jr.

10. When Taylor shined so bright.

11. When Rami Malek was extra sensitive.

12. The time CΓ©line Dion was so swell.

13. The time Krystal was…yea this is wrong.

14. Shawn Mendes as every girl’s favorite.

15. The time a hamster pulled off this classic Lana Del Rey pose.

16. The time MJ released his special edition Driller album.

The fun doesn’t end here. Please scroll through these threads, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

h/t Twitter