People “Slandering” Newborn Babies On Twitter Is The Only Thing You Need To Read Today

slandering newborn babies

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby”…

…all sweet and innocent, with the softest skin and how can we forget about that “new baby smell”. Who doesn’t love ‘em? Yes, they cry for no reason, drop loads that’ll make you cuss and only sleep at the most inconvenient times, but other than that, we can’t really pass too much judgment on these little angels right? I mean, they are just babies.

Well, Twitter user Charlily thought it may be fun to call all newborns out on their crap once and for awhile.

The responses are basically must read internet.

Ok, so wait…are we talking about newborn babies or are we talking about your 33 yr-old live-in boyfriend that’s still collecting unemployment?

Ooh, clever:

Poor babies.

h/t Twitter