Pregnancy Dilation Chart Proves Why Women Are Freakin’ Amazing

pregnancy dilation chart
SCV Birth Center / Facebook
A viral picture of a birth dilation chart emphasises how amazing a feat that natural child birth is.

Mothers are superheroes. Point blank and period. And with all that mommas have to go through in pregnancy alone, every mother should seriously be a candidate for their own special Nobel Prize (or some other type of prestigious award that denotes serious accomplishment.)


Pregnancy and childbirth are serious business and it’s amazing learning about the way the female body changes to accommodate, and then give birth to, new life.

Facebook user Steffanie Christi’an shared a picture of a wooden dilation chart shared by SCV Birth Center showing the progression of cervical dilation centimeter by centimeter during labor. The post has gone viral with over 181k shares. Her caption: “This is what 10cm of dilation looks like. This is why we deserve all the things.”



The SCV Birth Center uses this chart as an educational tool to show pregnant women how their cervix dilates during labor. The SCV Birth Center is located in the heart of Santa Clarita Valley and is the only nationally accredited CABC birth center in the SCV, Antelope, and San Fernando Valley.

Of course, nothing can fully prepare a new mom for all that comes with the childbirth experience but it’s pretty cool that facilities like SCV Birth Center exist to educate new moms and give them an idea of ‘what to expect when their expecting’– more than any 450-page book could ever do. It helps to make moms feel secure and confident in bringing new life into the world.

And yes, back to the original caption of the shared photo: “This is why we deserve all the things.”


h/t Scary Mommy / SCV Birth Center