17 Reasons Why Pregnancy Is the Best Effing Experience, Said No One Ever

pregnancy cover

Pregnancy is such an amazing experience! For many women it is 9 months of pure hell excitement. There are so many benefits to pregnancy like getting to eat whatever you want (when you can keep it down), to being catered to (when you actually feel like being bothered) and feeling the baby move (before the flutters turn to a full blown WWE match with your rib cage). Ahh, the freakin’ joys of pregnancy. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most amazing perks for a mommy-to-be!

1. Kankles! Because who doesn’t love being able to fit none of their shoes?

2. Acne and rashes. Nothing is better than a little itch and a teenage face straight off a Proactiv commercial to match.

3. Insomnia. It’s literally the best feeling in the world staring at the ceiling at night trying to make sense of what is life and how we got to this point.

4. Heartburn while drinking water. Bucket list, check.

5. Heightened sense of smell. Pairs perfectly with the nausea. Bring it on world!

6. Nausea. Yeah. (See #5). Joy.

7. Hip pain! Nothing that a little stretching won’t fix, right?

8. Boobs! The glorious transformation of the lovely lady slumps, I mean lumps.

9. Swollen everything. Saves you tons of money on new cute clothes. Sweat pants and pregnancy jeans with the elastic band are all the rave these days anyways.

10. Weird cravings. Like ice. That’ll melt within 2 inches of my hot flashing body.

11. Vaginal discharge because the wetter the better!

12. Pregnancy nose because I’ve always wanted to look like a troll. Life made.

13. Gas. We all have it. Judge your mom.

14. Weird hair growth. I mean who doesn’t need more hair?

15. Dislocated pelvis because who tf needs a pelvis anyway?

16. Leg cramps. I mean, c’mon would you rather have PERIOD cramps, ladies? #GlassHalfFull

17. Frequent Urination. Not a big deal. Everyone pees. Just now more frequently.

Now THIS is the right attitude. Pregnancy IS so much fun!

h/t BuzzFeed