This Dude Asked If Anyone Thinks He Looks Like Ryan Gosling And Got The Purest Responses

ryan gosling look alike

Sometimes the internet can be an ugly, hate-filled place, especially when race becomes part of the conversation. But for every person who spews toxic views on the internet, there are likely 10x as many people who choose to use the internet to show that there is still a lot of kindness in humanity.

This was made evident by a playful tweet from Twitter user @nellychillin. In it he compared himself to Ryan Gosling and the tweet quickly went viral, turning into a wholesome scene on the social network yesterday.

Nelly shared a side-by-side of him with Ryan Gosling, with the caption “People been telling me I look like Ryan Gosling 🤔 what y’all think”

Nelly’s post went viral for all of the right reasons, gathering a total of 37,000 likes and over 5,000 retweets since its posting a week ago.

The responses to Nelly’s playful tweet were overwhelmingly sweet.

Strangers from everywhere chimed in with their witty compliments.

There were funny movie references..

Viral meme references…

..and eventually ‘The Office’ memes were even made in Nelly’s honor.


It got to the point that people really couldn’t figure out who was who.

All of the wholesomeness prompted the OP to respond with love a day later.

These are the kinds of wholesome interactions we need in this world.❤️


h/t Twitter