Shane Dawson Talks Eating Disorders With Youtuber Eugenia Cooney

shane dawson eugenia cooney
Instagram / Youtube
Youtube star Eugenia Cooney speaks with filmmaker Shane Dawson about her eating disorder, dealing with internet hate, and her experience in rehab.

Shane Dawson returned to Youtube after a 5-month hiatus on Friday night premiering an hour-long documentary on Youtube star Eugenia Cooney.

The following article discusses eating disorders and may be triggering to some readers.

Cooney, who has been posting on Youtube since 2013, recently disappeared from the platform, leaving many to question her health.

Eugenia’s delicate appearance had her fans concerned, and rumors started to swirl. Some rumors suggested that Cooney may not even be alive. Cooney addressed the rumors earlier this year on Twitter, telling fans that she is still alive and was taking time off of social media to focus on her health.

Yesterday with the premiere of Shane Dawson’s documentary on Eugenia Cooney, we got an in-depth look at her break from social media.

In the doc, Eugenia and Shane do a deep dive into her life. After the awkward ‘MTV Cribs’ style tour of Eugenia’s house, Shane gets Eugenia to open up. She talks about receiving hate comments, her eating disorder, her ongoing recovery from it, and her plans for the future.

I’ll admit that I only knew Eugenia’s face via memes before Shane premiered this deep dive on her, but it’s refreshing to see a person remain so positive and optimistic despite being on the receiving end of lots of hate.

It took a lot of courage for Eugenia to share her recovery story and hopefully it will help people who are experiencing similar body issues.

Check out the full doc from Shane Dawson below: