Shocked Mom Sues Nanny for Secretly Feeding Newborn Formula Instead of Breastmilk

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The argument over breastfeeding vs. formula is one of the most highly debated topics when it comes to new moms and what they choose for their little ones and for most moms they are firm in their stance. As a new mom, you may not always know what’s right, as this new parenting this is a bunch of trial-and-error at times, but you always have your child’s best interest at heart and hope that anyone sharing in the care taking responsibility of your bundle of joy will, too, share your same interests.

Well, for Lynn Wojton of New York City, this was not the case and she was shocked to learn that her temporary live-in nanny, Marcia Chase-Marshall, had secretly fed her baby formula nights after she was born. She alleges that Chase-Marshall was well aware of the mother’s wishes to breastfeed only. Wojton has decided to sue the nanny and has shared specifics of the lawsuit with The New York Post. She said she breastfed her daughter Wilder for the first two nights after returning home from the hospital.

“Chase-Marshall slept in the same room as Wilder and would wake up Wojton, a registered nurse, whenever the baby needed milk, the suit says.” However, on the third night, the nanny didn’t wake the mom. She allegedly revealed to Wojton that she opted for formula instead.

As you can imagine, the new mom was irate.

“I was very upset,” Wojton, 37, told The Post. “This is not what I wanted — this is not what I want — for my baby. I cried for an hour, honestly.”

-Lynn Wojton, New York City

According to Wojton, in asking Chase-Marshall the reason behind the formula feeding, she initially shared that “she thought formula was best for the baby.” Wojton alleges that Chase-Marshall then switched up her story, explaining that she went with the formula because “it was less work and she wanted extra sleep.”

I’m sorry, come again?

Women from everywhere have been joining the conversation on Facebook surrounding this story and, as you can imagine, the responses differ—some that are stunned and obviously share in the frustration with the new mother—

As a nanny, I feed the baby what the parents tell me to feed the baby, regardless of my opinion”, “Jesus, the doula was PAID to do a job, and she failed to do it. End of story. Regardless of our opinions.”

Others chose the mommy-shaming route and negatively commented with replies like “Then raise your own baby” and “Oh no. Not formula, intended for babies. What a terrible person. Good lord. Get over it people.”

And even still, there are those that can make a joke out of any situation with one user commenting,

Who names a baby Wilder? I think that’s the real issue here.

Wojton shared that the milk debacle wasn’t the only time they’ve butted heads, citing that they would disagree on everything from bathing to diaper changing and Wojton had just about had enough. “If I didn’t change the diaper the way she thought was best, she would criticize me the whole time,” Wojton said. “It makes you second-guess yourself. You’re a new mother and this is all very new.”

Wojton disclosed that she had paid the nanny $4,200 and she hasn’t seen her since the confrontation about the feeding.

When contacted by The Post, Chase-Marshall responded with, “I have nothing to say.” Wojton is seeking $10,000 in her suit against the nanny and hopes to be able to put everything behind her. “I’m in a good place now,” Wojton shared, “but I still get upset.”

Parenting can be tough but having the right people in your corner through the journey (especially in the beginning) makes the load just a little bit lighter and as we can see, the flip side of that is also true. Although things may not have initially been easy for the new mom, it’s good to hear that she and new baby girl are doing well.

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