‘The Simpsons’ Might Have Predicted The Latest Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

simpsons game of thrones
Screengrab Via FOX
A Simpsons episode from nearly two years ago is eerily similar to the most recent 'Game of Thrones' episode.

How do The Simpsons get it right like all of the time?

That’s right, it looks like the long-running cartoon series from FOX, that once predicted the presidency of Donald Trump, has done it again.

Fans are suggesting that a Simpsons episode from 2017 titled ‘The Serfsons,’ had a scene that appeared somewhat similar to the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The most notable scene(s) from ‘Game of Thrones’ S08E05 was the way that Daenerys Targaryen used her last dragon to indiscriminately torch King’s Landing.

After the ‘Game of Thrones’ episode made its debut, eagle-eyed fans were quick to connect it to a scene from ‘The Simpsons’ “Serfsons” episode.

While some people are connecting ‘The Simpsons’ predictions to a certain ‘Game of Thrones’ character’s warging abilities.

Others don’t think that ‘The Simpsons’ eerie knack for predicting the future should be attributed more to anything but dumb luck.

What do you think? Was this a prediction or just an inevitable result of ‘The Simpsons’ producing more than 30 seasons of shows parodying popular culture? Let us know in the comments.