Sisters Are Asking Their Brothers How They Look, And Posting The Responses

sisters ask brothers how they look cover

The relationship between a brother and sister is a special one. For most, it’s a perfect mix between ‘I love you to death’ and ‘say one more thing and you’ll be one second closer to death’. In any brother/sister relationship though, there’s bound to be wise cracks and jokes, well…because that’s just how siblings roll.

Twitter user Syrianting tweeted out ‘If you ever wanna be humbled, ask your brother how you look’. She received screenshots of text convos from girls everywhere sharing the responses they got from their brothers and the responses show just how funny some of these bro-sis relationships really are.

1. Yikes, bro.


2. Quite the artist we have here, folks.


3. Ha, typical brother response.


4. Smart brother.


5. Dang, Gina!


6. Sibling rivalry at its finest.


7. Most detailed response award goes to.


8. Love you too, Bubba.


9. Aww, issa good brother.


10. Peep the name. Cinderella vibes.


11. Little bro wins the whole thread.


12. Welp.


13. What does that even look like?


14. Epic.


15. Playin’ it safe.


16. And the truth finally comes out.


17. “I don’t disagree”. Ha.


18. High or nah?


19. That can’t be good.


20. Gotta love it.


21. Cruel.


22. Sounds like he’s up to something.


23. True. Honesty is key.


24. Well played, broski.


h/t Bored Panda