‘Someone Great’ On Netflix Is Probably The Best Damn Chick Flick Since Forever

someone great
Screengrab via Netflix
Women everywhere are relating hard to the Netflix original 'Someone Great.'

There’s nothing like a good movie. Better yet, there’s nothing like a good Rom-Com. Hey, if you’re a hopeless romantic like me and you love to laugh, they are literally the best movie genre ever. No debate. The romantic comedy flooding everyone’s timelines as of late is Netflix’s Someone Great and there is literally someone talking about how great this movie is all over every social media platform. While Netflix movies can be hit or miss, let me tell y’all… this one here does not disappoint.


The movie is about a young music journalist Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) dealing with a breakup with a long-time boyfriend and one last adventure in New York City with her besties before moving to San Francisco for a new job opp. Mixed with the perfect balance of laughs and tears, this is one of the best rom-coms I’ve seen a while. I will forewarn you though— if you have ever experienced a breakup at any point of your life, you.will.cry. watching this. Have your Kleenex on deck.


Beyond the roller coaster of emotions this tear-jerker will have you go through, there were quite a few life lessons about breakups I learned from this movie. Here ya go.

1. There really is a beauty in being broken.

Blessing in disguise, sometimes.

2. What is this thing called life without best friends?

Friends. How many of us have them?

3. Music can be the best freakin’ medicine.

Turn up the mf volume.

4. …Or trigger flashbacks that hurt like hell.

*insert bawling crying emoji*

5. Moving on is…well, hard.



6. Self-confidence is power.


7. There’s so much more in what you have in life than what you’ve lost.

More life. Fulfilled.

8. Put yourself first. Always.

It’s easier said than done, but necessary.

9. Never watch a rom-com right after a breakup.

A broken heart + a movie with a girl’s heart being broken right before your eyes = anxiety and continued heartbreak. Ouch.

10. Never judge a book by its cover.

Not totally related to breakups but worth mentioning that before this movie, I would have never looked twice at LaKeith, but after this movie he is totally bae. Maybe your ‘next’ is found in someone totally opposite of your type. Take the risk.

11. Letting go is okay.

Not only is it okay, but it’s healthy. Being realistic about the state of the relationship is necessary for moving forward. Make peace with it. Move on. You’re worth it.

If you haven’t watched Someone Great, call up a bestie and set a date. Some good ole’ tears and laughs are good for the soul.