Dad Wearing Speedo To Pick Up Son From School Is The Pettiest Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today

speedo dad
Image Via Facebook
This hilarious video featuring a petty father picking up his son in a speedo is straight internet gold.

We all know growing up some of our parents would do stuff that would embarrass the crap out of us, but I’m pretty sure nothing they did tops what the parent of a teenager did while picking up his child from school.

In a viral video entitled, “Dad will you pick me up from school?”, father Justin Beadles was recorded picking up his son sporting a Speedo and swim cap with medals hanging from his neck.

Beadles is seen running through the carpool line….

Justin Beadles, Facebook

With open arms, calling out his son’s name (meanwhile parents are honking their horns, in celebration, I’m sure, of this brave act of hilarity)…

Justin Beadles, Facebook

Embracing him with a hug with all the spectating, amused students…

Justin Beadles, Facebook

Andd the walk of horror for Beadles’ beat-faced son…

Justin Beadles, Facebook
Justin Beadles, Facebook

Beadles told KOCO 5 News that it was the last of school for his son at Stillwater Junior High School and he wanted to make the day extra special so he borrowed medals from his friends and “thought it would be funny if “Michael Phelps” showed up at school to pick him up.”

Can you freakin’ imagine?

I’m not sure I would be able to bear the embarrassment, but he looks to be handling it all pretty well with a smile. Something tells us his dad is a true jokester and this isn’t his first time pulling a stunt like this.

The video has over 33 million views and 338K shares on Facebook.

Check out the full video below.

h/t Scary Mommy