That Viral ‘Spell Coconut’ Tip Has Turned Into A Hilariously Filthy New Meme


When looking for advice on relationships (or even bedroom activities), there’s no better place to turn than the Internet. Someone out there in the World Wide Web of billions of people has definitely gone through what you’ve gone through (or similar), and it’s better to ask strangers than someone directly involved in your life—trust me.

Recently, a tip has gone pretty viral online about how to ride in the bedroom. The tip first appeared on a Kenyan Facebook group called “Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone.”


After the comment was seen by others online, Twitter users began reposting it as an “original joke.” Before long, people online were talking about the hilarious—yet pretty accurate—piece of advice. One website even published an entire article on how to do it properly.

Overall, the best part about the advice has to be the memes.

Ladies, just remember if you’re planning on spelling coconut this summer—be safe!