Bar Serves Drinks With Lids, After Allegations Of Spiked Drinks

spiked drinks

Bar owners in Staten Island, New York are making the proactive decision to cover drinks in their establishment with lids. This decision comes after several women said that their drinks were spiked while patronizing the bar.

The women made the allegations on social media, and representatives from The G.O.A.T took action fairly quickly.

The owner of the bar, Chris Shaleesh, told ABC7NY:

“Monday morning by the time I woke up, I had a hundred text messages, the tweet kinda went viral and we immediately contacted police and staff and we had launched an internal investigation..”

One of the women making the allegations first posted about her experience at the bar on Sunday evening. The tweet has since been deleted, but not before screenshots of the tweet thread spread to Facebook.

The bar’s manager, Breanna Grammar, then responded on a Facebook post about the establishment, with this statement:

Hello everyone,
I’m the manager of The GOAT. I’m writing this to assure you all we are going great lengths as an establishment to find out who did this to these girls. I am a young woman myself and am taking this extremely seriously. The original post was brought to my attention Monday early morning and I have been personally in touch with all the girls getting their timelines and stories of when/where this all took place. They all wish to remain anonymous and I respect their wishes. We ourselves contacted NYPD after this was brought to our attention so we can get to the bottom of this. This is not being taken lightly!!! This is not a joking matter. We understand the community is upset about this and we can’t begin to express how upset we are. We take pride in bringing a higher end night life to Staten Island. This kind of thing won’t for one minute be overlooked. We have added additional undercover security for weekend nights who will be simply walking around monitoring any fishy behavior. We also have purchased all new cups that have lids on them. We are reviewing all camera footage from the times these females were in our establishment and doing everything we can to find who did this. This has been extremely upsetting to everyone involved and we hope to solve this soon. Thank you everyone who continues to support our business. We care for our patrons very much. We hope to get justice for everyone involved.
If you could update this comment to your post I would greatly appreciate it! I want everyone to be aware of the action we are taking.

According to ABC7NY, The G.O.A.T already has 16 cameras inside of the bar and management wants to do more to protect the safety of their patrons. Grammer also told ABC7 that management would be taking action by hiring more undercover security, and putting lids on every drink they serve.

Grammer told ABC7 that the “dark environment” with limited space makes it “almost impossible” to see what exactly is going on around you.

A tweet about the incident from ABC13 Houston has people giving their opinions on The G.O.A.T. Bar’s idea to cover their drinks with lids.

Many people seem to love the idea:

But people on the other side of the debate are understandably concerned about wasting more plastic:

Maybe there’s a way:

Even though just not spiking drinks would be the easiest solution of them all.