18 Strange Rules Kids Were Forced To Follow In Their Homes While Growing Up

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People share their strange house rules from childhood in an epic Reddit thread.

Everyone’s parents had a different set of rules that we as kids were forced to follow while living in their homes.

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When a Redditor asked the question “What’s the weirdest rule you had in your home growing up?”, and people definitely responded. While a few of the replies are humorous–many of them are plain weird and seem unnecessary.


Listed below are some of the craziest rules people were forced to adhere to growing up.

1. This mum‘s prison influenced tea policy.

I wasn’t allowed to put sugar in my tea because my mum told me that when you go to prison they don’t let you have sugar, so it will makes prison that much harder.

⁠1. Thanks for having so much faith in me mum.

⁠2. I’m pretty sure you are allowed sugar for your tea in prison.


2. This confusing horror movie situation:

We could watch Freddy movies but not Jason movies bc my mom thought Friday the 13th was “satanic” but Nightmare on Elm Street movies were just for fun.


3. Oh mother!

I wasn’t allowed to put any personal touches in my room. No posters, paint colors, pictures of my friends, or any sort of choices – not even my comforter. It was all decorated to my mother’s specifications.


4. The mom who thought everyone had it out for her.

I was never allowed to leave a drink in the car because, according to my mother, someone could poison it. She’s always been overly paranoid about safety, but that one is my favorite.


5. The dad who wouldn’t let his child experience the best part of cereal.

I wasn’t allowed to drink the milk left over after eating cereal. Never really got an explanation but my dad would yell if I tried….


6. These humbling pre-teen years.

That I couldn’t decide on how to get my hair cut until I turned 14


7. This mom was all about the money.

I could only buy things if I was buying them for a birthday or Christmas gift for somebody else. Mind you, this was my own money I earned from my job. My mom knew how long it took to get home from school, so if I stopped at the store, she knew and I’d be in trouble.



8. This cringey beach dad.

My dad hated it when I walked barefoot on the beach. He always wore tennis shoes at the beach

Edit: lots of interesting comments you guys. Actually he was from Scotland but had traveled the world so lord knows what he might have encountered on some beach somewhere. Hadn’t thought about it that way


9. This pizza tradition.

At my friend’s house they had a “no pizza-balling” rule.

There were 3 teenage brothers and when they ordered pizzas (at least a couple larges), tempers flared quickly when people would try to grab as many slices as they could.

The first rule in place was that you couldn’t have more than one slice at a time, and you could grab another once you had the last bite in your mouth. But one of the brothers quickly figured it out that if you ball up a slice he could fit it in his mouth and grab another one. Hence, no pizza-balling.


10. This weekly cursing tradition.

Cursing Thursdays. You could say whatever you wanted with no consequences. Had someone stay over who knew the rule, opened my parent’s bedroom and said “goodnight motherf*****s”


11. This rule to prevent hauntings.

Not allowed to whistle at night. Was told that you’d hear one back from someone who isn’t there.

Clarification: My mother is Native American, so we have a few superstitions like that. House isn’t haunted. Parents aren’t schizo. Just mild superstition.


13. This dad who threw the whole book at his child.

I can’t remember what I did wrong, but my dad came up with a out 20 pages of rules I had to follow as a punishment. The weirdest was that I could no longer eat ice cream sandwiches.


14. This family who had dinner at bedtime.

We couldn’t eat supper until dad got home from work, even if it was 9 pm.


15. This irritating stepmom.

My stepmom would send strongly worded emails to my mom regarding my overconsumption of yogurt at their house.



16. These parents who likely detested doing laundry.

We were only allowed 1 towel a week. We could do whatever we wanted with it, but we didnt get another until next week.


17. This strict cookie rule.

After school treat was the only time we could have cookies. Only 3. Not too weird, but it had a significant impact. I’m 50 now and will still have exactly 3 cookies when I have cookies.


18. This covert rule to thwart accidental snitching.

If the DARE officer at school shows you something and it smells familiar, say NOTHING. I will explain it later. Also, If mom’s room smells like incense, it is the best time to ask for something.



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