Student Schools Teacher, Calls Her Out for Using N-Word with a Class Presentation

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So, you’re sitting in class and your teacher uses the N-word. You find it odd, but you let it roll off.

She uses it again, on a separate occasion, and it doesn’t sit right with you.

What do you do?

A. Nothing; after all, she IS the teacher.

B. Report her to the principal/administration?

C. Create a presentation for the class, calling her out for the foolishness?

For Maleek da senstive, option C was a no-brainer.

The California marketing student took to the popular platform to out his teacher for using the N-word in class – with a class project– and Twitter is going crazy. But the build-up in the presentation was pretty epic. So, it went a little something like this…
Maleek created a class presentation centered around the inappropriate use of the “N- word” and made mention of all the excuses white people come up with to justify using the derogatory term.

His first excuse being ‘freedom of speech’:

He then hilariously introduces the excuse of ‘being in a relationship with a black person’ using the failed Khloe Kardash and Tristan Thompson relationship as an example:

And then, drum roll please, he calls out his own teacher for her use of the word in class… *grabs popcorn*

In the video, Maleek explains that his teacher’s use of the N-word was ‘one of the main inspirations for the decision for this project”, stating that there is no excuse or justification for the use of the word and his teacher used it twice.

His teacher’s two-part response:

Did she really say she used the N-word to get a reaction from the class? Wait.

And, of course, Twitter was ready and willing to hand it to this teacher on a silver platter.

The responses Maleek received from Twitter users everywhere was amazing. Many agreed with the stand he took. Others commended him and voiced their respect for him:

He certainly gets an A+ in our book. If only we had more people willing to stand up for what’s right, no matter the cost. And even more people willing to take their stand to Twitter, because well… we’re here for the entertainment.

Class (and teacher) dismissed.

Check out Maleek’s video in full here.