This Is Support! Boyfriend Lets Girlfriend Do Full Face of Makeup on Him and Video Goes Viral

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There’s nothing more attractive than a man that publicly supports his woman. Especially with social media, we are literally all over it– quicker than you can type #RelationshipGoals. We see displays of affection from men and the typical WCW posts of appreciation, but the boyfriend of a Bronx-based makeup artist showed us a level of support that we’ve never seen before. Ladies everywhere are like ‘SIS! WHERE DID YOU FIND HIM AND ARE THERE MORE? ASKING FOR A FRIEND MYSELF!’

Makeup artist by the name of ‘Another Black Girl’ recorded a YouTube tutorial doing makeup…on her man!

The video starts with her boyfriend sporting a full beat (and yasss, she did that! *snaps*) heard saying “Easy, breezy, beautiful…cover boy.”


Before getting into the tutorial, the couple introduces themselves and the boyfriend encourages viewers to subscribe, telling them to “make sure you support her.” He also lets it be known that he’s not here for any BS saying, “I want the negative comments. Try me! I’m trying to argue.”

She continues with the step-by-step tutorial on her boyfriend.

And he doesn’t just sit there quietly. He hilariously commentates throughout the video.

Such a sport!

The boyfriend is even recorded promoting his girl in this hilarious video saying, “Hey ladies and gentleman! If you would like your face beat like mine please book my lovely girlfriend here.”

The video has since gone viral and the couple has received tons of love from Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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When your bf is supportive asf 😭🥰

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We’re just here for all of this. “What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!”

You can check out the full video here:

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