‘Taco Truck Tammy’ Threatens To Call ICE on Taco Truck Workers For Parking In Neighborhood

taco truck tammy cover

Y’all remember BBQ Becky? The woman who called the cops in an attempt to shut down a family BBQ, so bent out of shape about a black family’s charcoal grill use in the park. The video went viral and she quickly become a meme.

Well, say hello to Taco Truck Tammy.


In a video posted to YouTube, you see a woman being recorded who seems to be threatening a group of people setting up a taco truck in Texas. The lady, who’s wearing a shirt that’s inside-out might we add, is heard saying “Ok, please move,” as she looks to be walking back to her house. You can hear a Spanish speaking woman talking in the background calling the woman “crazy.”

The woman recording, Claudia Lopez, tells her to “go back inside,” to which Taco Truck Tammy replies with “Ok baby girl, vamanos. I’ll call ICE.”

The woman recording is then heard saying “I’m not your babygirl.”

Tammy took issue with there being a food truck outside of her house. But according to Lopez who claims she had a permit, her truck had every right to be park there.

Though a more recent report from NBC DFW says that the owner’s permit for the truck expired at the end of March.

Taco lovers from around the internet were offended and their comments pretty much sum things up.


Go on back inside Tam and fix your shirt. Babygirl.

Watch the full video here:

h/t Raw Story / NBC DFW