A 12-year-old girl creates a way for kids to feel less scared during their hospital stays

Young Girl With Chronic Illness Creates Clever Invention For Other Sick Kids

A 12-year-old girl creates a way for kids to feel less scared during their hospital stays.

gay flamingo couple

The Denver Zoo Has Two Gay Flamingos Named Freddie Mercury And Lance Bass

A pair of gay flamingos goes viral during Pride Month.

ups group text

UPS Accidentally Creates A Group Text Message Chain, And The Message Recipients Decide To Meet Up

An automated text message sent by UPS to a group of recipients by mistake turns into real-life friendship.

transracial hair care

This Woman Created A Black Hair Care School For Adoptive Parents And We’re Totally Here For It

Entrepreneur, Tamekia Swint, created a black hair school for transracial adoptive families.

dad strange cat

Guy Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up To Find A Strange Cat Snuggling Him

Cats work in mysterious ways, and sometimes cats just have a better sense of things than we do as humans.

mailman dogs treats

Mailman Known For Giving Dogs Treats Receives Touching Letter When One Of The Dogs Passes Away

If you ask any mail carrier they’ll tell you that dogs love to interact with them while on their routes.

eBay letter VCR

Elderly Man Sends Heartwarming “Thank You” Note To eBay Seller For Used VCR

An elderly man’s sweet thank you letter to an eBay seller goes viral. VCR players are hard to come by

text convo car

A Mom’s Text Convo With A Woman Trying To Sell Her A Car Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

So many things go viral daily, and mainly because of the negativity associated with them. The undeniable reality is, stories

valentines day

Woman Gives Heartwarming Story About How Her Dad Surprised Her At School On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and though some will be able to relish in all the lovey-dovey glory of the

drink and drive

This Bar Leaves Special Notes To Its Patrons That Don’t Drink And Drive

Refuse to drink and drive and get a meal on the house the next day. Seems like an amazing deal