lizzo twerking flute

Lizzo Twerking And Playing The Flute At The Same Time Is The Energy I’m Bringing All Summer ‘19

Last night the 2019 BET Awards aired, and while there were a ton of great performances, but I simply cannot


People Are Convinced Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Is A Beyoncé Rip-Off

This week, Taylor Swift fans everywhere celebrated as the pop-star finally dropped a new music video for the song “You

taylor swift washing legs debate

Taylor Swift Weighs In On The Whole “Washing Your Legs In The Shower” Debate

Taylor Swift tells Ellen Degeneres how she chooses to wash her legs daily.

joe jonas sophie turner

Surprise! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Married In Secret Ceremony And There’s Footage!

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner get married in Las Vegas in a not-so secret ceremony.

martha stewart taylor swift cover

Martha Stewart Posted Some Excessively Zoomed Pics of Taylor Swift, And Um Martha… WYD?

If you know anything about Martha Stewart, she’s very active on social media and she has one heckuva sense of

beyonce homecoming release

Beyoncé Releases New Netflix Special And Live Album, Twitter Reacts

That’s right, the big Beyonce drop we’ve all been waiting for is here. In the wee hours of the morning

pairing songs with shoes

Boots With The Fur! People Are Pairing Old School Songs With Shoes, And The Nostalgia Is Overwhelming

Music is powerful and it can affect you in different ways. A song can make you think of a specific

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  • April 5, 2019
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