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scarlett johansson memes

People Are Meme-ing Scarlett Johansson Because Scarlett Johansson Is Always Scarlett Johansson-ing

People are dragging Scarlett Johansson after she says she should be able to play ‘any tree.’

church leader body shames

“Fat Girls Don’t Wear Shorts” Church Leader Recorded Body-Shaming Teen Girl At Choir Practice

Church leader tells teen she’s ‘too fat to wear shorts’ at choir practice in a body-shaming incident that went viral.

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  • July 4, 2019
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tricks creepy guys

Women Are Giving Their Best Tricks To Get Away From Creepy Guys Asking For Their Number

A tumblr post is inspiring women to share the tricks that they use to get away from creepy guys who are hitting on them.

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  • July 3, 2019
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app lend your eyes

I Just Learned About An App That Allows You To Lend Your Eyes To The Blind, And I’m Crying

The ‘Be My Eyes’ app allows volunteers to lend their eyes to people who are visually impaired, in real time.

kim kardashian cultural appropriation kimono

Kim Kardashian Is Being Called Out For Cultural Appropriation, Again

Japanese women are asking Kim Kardashian to rethink the name of her new bodyshaper line, Kimono.

funny graffiti story

People Aren’t Buying This News Story About An Alleged “Gang-Related” Tagging, And For Good Reason

People are tearing apart a local news story about an alleged gang-related graffiti incident.

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  • June 23, 2019
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social anxiety cover

15 Tweets That Will Make People With Social Anxiety Laugh

A collection of tweets that’ll make sense to anyone with social anxiety.

bella thorne whoopi goldberg

A Tearful Bella Thorne Shames Whoopi Goldberg for Blaming Her in Hacking of Nude Photos

Bella Thorne addresses Whoopi Goldberg’s victim blaming comments about a recent scandal of hers, involving hacked photos.

jessie j adenomyosis infertility

Jessie J Reveals That She Suffers From Adenomyosis and is Struggling With Infertility

As many know by now, Jessie J and Channing Tatum have been dating for some time and Jessie J recently

A 12-year-old girl creates a way for kids to feel less scared during their hospital stays

Young Girl With Chronic Illness Creates Clever Invention For Other Sick Kids

A 12-year-old girl creates a way for kids to feel less scared during their hospital stays.