Twitter Is Obsessed With These Sisters And Their ‘Polar Opposite’ Houses

Anyone who has siblings knows that you and your brother/sister are not at all alike. Some of us share similar

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  • July 20, 2019
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Bagel Store Customer Goes On Insane, Angry Rant Over Women Rejecting Him On Dating Apps

Everyone knows that when it comes to dating, one thing you have to get used to is rejection. Not everyone

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  • July 11, 2019
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Girl’s Twitter Thread Of The Romantic Things Her Boyfriend Does Will Make You Want To Throw Your Own Man Away

We’re all guilty of looking at couple’s on social media and comparing ourselves and our relationship to them. No matter

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  • June 29, 2019
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Woman’s Boyfriend Threatens To Leave Her After She Asks Him To Wash His Hands

No relationship is perfect. Every couple has their own share of issues and problems they need to work through. Whether


This Viral Twitter Game Lets You Become Beyoncé’s Assistant

If you’re a Beyoncé fan, I’m sure you know enough information about her to write a biography about her life.


Woman’s Garlic Peeling Hack Goes Viral And Even Chrissy Teigen Thinks It’s Absolutely Genius

Everyone knows that the best ingredient in any meal is simple: garlic. No matter what you’re making—the more garlic you


People Are Convinced Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Is A Beyoncé Rip-Off

This week, Taylor Swift fans everywhere celebrated as the pop-star finally dropped a new music video for the song “You


Guy Demands Date Pay Him Back For Drinks After She Doesn’t Go Home With Him

Going on dates can be stressful in today’s day and age. For one, it’s hard to really go out with


White People Everywhere Are Apologizing For This Borderline Offensive ‘Summer Snack’

Social media always brings us some of the most ridiculous and disgusting trends and inventions absolutely no one asked for.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk’s Epic Breakup

In case you live under a rock and haven’t checked your social media feeds in a couple of days, by