Tati Westbrook Says Goodbye To BFF James Charles In New Video

tati westbrook james charles
Screengrab: Youtube
Tati Westbrook drags her former mentee/BFF James Charles, in a 43-minute vlog on her Youtube channel.

What she started in the public, she would like to end in the public forum.

Tati Westbrook, beauty influencer and former friend to James Charles, just spilled all of the tea on Youtube in a 43-minute video.

For those who aren’t aware, the two beauty influencers with massive Youtube and Instagram followings were once pretty tight friends.

James even made an appearance at Tati’s wedding in 2017.

Tati says that James who was once family to her, is now too far gone, and that she’s done protecting him and must let their relationship go. She then sounded off on the issues she has with James Charles.

Westbrook says that she and her husband have helped James Charles in many ways since his beauty career began.

Tati maintains her guidance helped James through some of his biggest controversies like his racist ebola tweet.

On top of allegedly helping James Charles clear some of his biggest checks in the beginning of his career, Tati says she also stopped James from moving forward with his idea of exposing beauty influencers.

Around the 24:00 minute mark, Tati alleges James Charles attempted to manipulate a straight man into becoming gay.

Tati then declared that James’ excuse for promoting a competitor’s product is a “blatant lie.”

It looks like Tati’s exposé of James Charles has struck a nerve with his fans. Since the video was posted a few hours ago, his subscriber count has continued to fall.

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Twitter is also rife with James Charles tweets if you wanna go on the social network to check those out click here.

It looks we’ll be seeing a response from James Charles in the near to immediate future. Let me go grab this popcorn.

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