This Twitter Thread Matching “The Office” Characters With Dogs Is Scarily Accurate

the office characters as dogs

On December 29, 2017, Twitter user @samzsmith gave the internet one of the most accurate reads of “The Office” we’ve ever seen. In it, she matched the characters of “The Office” to dogs, and boy are the comparisons spot on. Let’s get into it.

Michael Scott:

Dwight Schrute:

Jim Halpert:

Pam Beesly:

Ryan Howard:

via Twitter

Darryl Philbin:

Erin Hannon:

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Oscar Martinez:

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Andy Bernard:

Stanley Hudson:

Phyllis Vance:

Angela Martin:

Kevin Malone:

Meredith Palmer:

Creed Bratton:

Toby Flenderson:

Kelly Kapoor:

Gabe Lewis:

Jan Levinson:

Nellie Bertram:

Robert California:

Karen Fillipelli:

Holly Flax:

David Wallace:


Mose Schrute:


Todd Packer:

Jo Bennett:

Bob Vance:

Deangelo Vickers:

Pete (Plop) Miller:

Clark Green:

h/t @samzsmith