Thirst Alert! Twitter Thread Calling All Men Over 6’3 Goes Viral, And I’m Here For All Of It

twitter thread tall men

When it comes to a fine a** man, there are certain physical traits that are simply based on preference, like muscular build or facial hair for example.

Then there are those traits that are NON-MF NEGOTIABLE FOR EVERY WOMAN WITH A UTERUS.

Ladies, let’s all say it together on the count of 3. One…Two…Thr—


Yo, listen. It doesn’t matter if as a woman you’re standing small at 4 feet 3 inches or you’re scraping the sky at 5’11. Tall men are where it’s at and they will literally never go out of style. Holla if you hear me.

You can imagine I was all heart eyes, when Twitter user sb_emeka started a ‘6’4 plus thread’ calling all the tall men of the Twitterverse to drop a picture and state their height. As a tall glass of water myself, you can imagine my excitement.


Also me:

Ladies, prepare yourselves.

Pictures started flooding in and of course I’m just a-scrolling with my thirst tank on FULL (no shame, either) but I couldn’t help but notice the hilarity of these comments.

And this one tried it.

Claws came out with a user staking claim for the ‘tall girls only’ and another user hit her with the BYE FELICIA.

Somebody grab the measuring tape.

This one’s response about took me out.

I feel you sis. Amazon Prime that too.

More funnies.

One woman went for it. Other women took notes.

Ladies, you can literally scroll for days. Hop on over to the thread. Just grab a lil’ Dasani on your way over. Thank me later.

h/t Twitter