This Viral Twitter Game Lets You Become Beyoncé’s Assistant


If you’re a Beyoncé fan, I’m sure you know enough information about her to write a biography about her life. If you’re the kind of person who knows her ins and outs, her most intimate likes and dislikes—now is your time to shine.

Recently, a game has gone viral on Twitter that allows people to pretend they are Beyoncé’s assistant for the day. Throughout the thread, you’re asked several different questions about her daily routine—from what breakfast she wants to how and where she will get ready.

The game was created by Twitter user GREEN CHYNA and she insists that you pay attention or you’ll get fired.

From choosing her breakfast to start, all the way to deciding if Bey should get bangs or not—one wrong move means total termination from the Beehive.

It seems that the game became wildly popular online, so much so that celebrities even began playing. Over 300,000 people on Twitter liked and shared the game, with many saying they totally flunked it.

If it makes everyone feel better, I was fired 4 different times.