This Woman’s Co-Worker Brought Raw Chicken to The Potluck and She Live-Tweeted the Whole Experience

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Twitter / @caveofbeauty

TW: Gross food practices.

Potlucks are always dangerous events, especially ones that happen in the workplace. This thread from Twitter user @caveofbeauty is the perfect example of why work potlucks are often potentially dangerous.

On March 8th at 2:36 pm, @caveofbeauty also known as Lily, shared a disturbing photo from her workplace potluck.

The tweet almost immediately started to gain traction and Lily decided to keep Twitter updated on the events surrounding the obscene dish.

Lily, who likely felt as though she was in some sort of spin-off of Jordan Peele’s “Get Out,” continued to document the horrid scene.

The situation didn’t get any better from there either.

And though her co-workers were blind to the obvious mess taking place.

Lily was able to stay away from eating the tainted chicken and continued to document the situation.

It didn’t take long for “the salmonella” to claim its first victim.

But the “salmonella” fest was likely not stopping anytime soon.

The day’s developments definitely were on Lily’s psyche, forcing her to call into question her desire for further employment at the company.

After all was said and done it seems the chicken only made one of Lily’s co-workers sick.

Which is awesome because things potentially could have gone much worse.

Twitter users responded to the egregious story with their thoughts, and they did not disappoint.

h/t Twitter