Women Are Giving Their Best Tricks To Get Away From Creepy Guys Asking For Their Number

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A tumblr post is inspiring women to share the tricks that they use to get away from creepy guys who are hitting on them.

Telling a man “no” in these crazy times can be incredibly difficult. We’ve all seen the viral stories where men who feel rejected turn into stalkers, while some men even turn murderous after being rejected by women.

It’s terrible that women have to think about safety when making a decision to reject someone from entering their lives because we all should be able to tell anyone “no” when we feel like it. A few days ago a tumblr user decided to share the tactics she uses when random strangers hit on her, and though it’s sad that posts like this are needed in the first place, some of the suggestions may actually be helpful when you’re in an uncomfortable situation with a creeper.

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The post went viral on tumblr, generating over 80,000 reblogs. Other women then chimed in with their own advice and helpful tricks they use to get away from creepy guys.

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Some women were totally against the advice, and made valid points as to why.

It’s honestly sad that women have to go to lengths like these to not get stalked or murdered. But until laws change and there is more protection for women just trying to live their lives, please take any precautions necessary to ensure your safety. Also, share this with the men in your lives, because men need to call out other men for their creepy a– behavior.

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