Um, Constance Wu Just Had The Weirdest Reaction to News of “Fresh off the Boat’s” Renewal

constance wu fresh off the boat renewal
Jean Nelson / Depositphotos
Constance Wu, what is you doin?

Usually, news of a show getting renewed is a happy moment for an actor, but when Constance Wu from Fresh Off The Boat saw the show was renewed for a sixth season, she kinda put off the vibe that she’s maybe not happy about it.

Shortly after ABC announced that the show would be returning Wu tweeted “So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh,” Wu then tweeted “f-ing hell” and people started to ask if she was ok.

When someone congratulated Wu for the show’s renewal, she replied like this.


Wu then commented on the official Fresh off The Boat’s Instagram page, with what seems like an obvious rebuke of the news.

Wu just tweeted that her comments have nothing to do with the news of the show being renewed.


And I’m just sitting here hoping one of my favorite shows is going to be ok.