Women Share All Of The Random Things Men Do When They’re Asked To Clean

unnecessary cleaning

Do you have a significant other? Have you ever asked them to help you clean? Did they clean or do something completely random and unnecessary to remove themselves from the whole cleaning situation?

If you answered yes to these questions, just know, you are not alone. It’s totally a thing.

A relatable tweet from Twitter user @houseandhens, also known as Emily, described how her husband always cleans the weirdest sh*t when guests are on their way over:

After tweeting about her husband’s strange cleaning habits, the relatable tweet started to go viral. Because everyone basically realized they were in a relationship with the same person,

Well, at least the same kind of person.

Like this young lady whose man will totally avoid making up the guest bedroom.

Or this lady whose significant other paints basement walls for no apparent reason.

Jenifer’s husband won’t wash dishes, but he’ll be sure to scrub down the cabinets?!

Like… why do dudes do stuff like this?

A few men tried to give their reasoning for cleaning the most random sh*t:

And if we’re being honest, this guy actually made a great point.

There’s always a silver lining.