UPS Accidentally Creates A Group Text Message Chain, And The Message Recipients Decide To Meet Up

ups group text
An automated text message sent by UPS to a group of recipients by mistake turns into real-life friendship.

A group of once unsuspecting strangers in Brooklyn, NY we’re apart of the most wholesome events we’ve seen on the internet in a while.

It all started when UPS allegedly sent out a package delivery notification to a group of Brooklyn residents in group text form, by mistake.

The unexpected text chain confused its recipients, and many of them chose to turn the awkward mistake by UPS into a wholesome experience.

Members of the randomly initiated text chain decided to get to know each other and started texting back and forth in an effort to do so.

The chat started to evolve into talks of a podcast for the newly formed crew.

Twitter / @nice_plane

After a few days of conversation the active recipients in the accidental gc, decided to meet up at a local bar.

Twitter / @nice_plane

According to NBC News, a member of the newly formed “UPS Club” said that most of the group hung out for a significant time that evening.

Twitter / @nice_plane

People reading about the group’s experience are hoping for future updates from the crew.

A few people feel as though this whole thing should be turned into some type of show.

And ofc, it wouldn’t be a viral thread if there weren’t conspiracy theorists doubting that something this pure could ever just happen by chance.

Hopefully, a major streaming platform picks up the story and turns this incredible tale into a rom-com, I’d for sure watch.

h/t Twitter / NBC News NY