Woman Gives Heartwarming Story About How Her Dad Surprised Her At School On Valentine’s Day

valentines day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and though some will be able to relish in all the lovey-dovey glory of the holiday, many of us won’t.

Nothing triggers one’s contempt for the holiday like being lonely and seeing the people around you getting candy, flowers, and attention, while you’re just there like:

Now imagine being in this position, in high school. Some of us were, but for the sake of this story pretend like you weren’t.

One Twitter user who goes by the name @ClassiestQueen told users about one Valentine’s Day experience in particular, and the ending of the story is guaranteed to melt your heart

In 10th-grade @ClassiestQueen was single, and wanted to avoid the embarrassment of not getting any gifts in high school on Valentine’s Day. So she asked her Dad for weeks, to let her skip school.

Little did she know, Dad had a plan.

Twitter / @ClassiestQueen

Get your Kleenex ready:

Dad also left his beloved daughter with the sweeetest note.

@ClassiestQueen says that her Dad decided to make this a yearly thing.

No one reading this thread left it with a dry eye.

And honestly, I feel the same way.